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Kirjaston korona-ajan tiedote

Kirjaston ohjeet Koronaviruksen aihettamiin poikkeusjärjestelyihin/ information about the exceptions consequent upon the Corona virus

Helsinki Diak library is open from Monday to Thursday 8am to 19pm and Friday 8am to 18pm for self-service.
Customer service from Monday to Friday 10am to 16pm.

Opening hours of Diak's libraries >>

Diak's general Corona situation information >>

We recommend using primarily the library services available for you online.
You can borrow and return books, but working or other stay in the library is prohibited.

  • Renew your loans online on by signing in with HAKA -credentials.
  • If the system does not allow to renew your loans for some reason, contact us by e-mail If you have older debts (under 50 euros) to the library, you can pay them in Diak Finna by electronic payment (sign into your account and you will find the link to online payment).
  • The forgotten PIN: If you have forgotten your PIN code, you can renew it by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' -link on the login window on Diak Finna.

Contact Helsinki Campus library:

Vulnerable and high risk group for Corona virus, please contact the library before your visit!

  • . by e-mail:

Information retrieval guidance

  • Guidance wil be arranged only online. Please, contact by electronic form or by e-mail: markku.hiltunen(at) or marketta.fredriksson(at) . We use Collaborate conferencing tool (Chrome interface). It is recommended to use a headset with microphone on the session. 

Instructions and tips how to use online resources:

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