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Information for library users: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I borrow a book from another Diak-library?

You can also go to other Diak libraries and borrow material. Remember that you need to return the book to the library in question:

IntraDiak-loan: If a certain book is not part of the collection in your own Diak-library but it is available in another Diak-library, you can ask the staff to order from the other campus library. It is free of charge to Diak-students and staff. the other library users has to pay a normal distance loan fee.

If we do not own the book in our libraries, we can make an interlibrary loan which are subject to a charge. You can also submit a proposal for a book. You can send an acquisition proposal  by e-mail.



How do I identify a course book?

Course books are marked with red stickers (Helsinki), in the database their holding is named 'Laina-aika 14 vrk', indicating their two week loan period.

We try to buy as many course books as possible. We do not have possibilities to buy a copy for each student, so please prepare for the exam on time. We try to buy also e-versions of the course books. Unfortunately it's not always possible.


Can I also use university libraries?

You can also borrow from university libraries and public libraries but you'll need a valid library card to the library in question. Unfortunately all the university libraries and the libraries of universities of applied sciences have their own library card. To get their card, you'll need to show your photo ID and follow their guidelines.

If you only want to borrow one specific book from another library, we can also make an inter-library loan but there is normally a charge for that.

What shall I do if I have lost my library card?

Please inform the library immediately if your library card is lost. When you come to the library next time, please take your ID card with you and ask for a new library card. The fee of the new card is 2 €.

How much is the fine of overdue loans?

Overdue fines increase daily. The fine is 0,20 € / item / day. If the sum of your fees has reached 10 €, your borrowing privileges will be blocked until you have returned the material and paid the fees.

May I borrow books also to my friends?

Remember that you are responsible of all the material that you have borrowed. If your friend decide not to return the material or ruin it, you are obliged to replace the material or pay all the fees.

Do I have to pay something if I want to make a request of a certain book?

Reserving a book is free of charge. You can reserve books by using Finna but only material which is on loan. You'll get an e-mail when you can pick up the material.

if you want to reserve a book which is on the shelf please call to the library circulation desk!

How can I renew my loans?

You can renew your loans:

Diak's Finna (Login)

by e-mail or by phoning to the library. Loans can be renewed up to 10 times if there are no other requests.