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Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR): Guide 2.0

Year of publication 2020

Choosing the Topic and Preliminary Work Plan


Names of the students and group IDs / the name of the student and group ID:                       

Degrees and Qualifications:

Idea Paper for the Thesis 

  1.  Topic area of the thesis you wish to aim for
  2.  Purpose of the thesis (objectives) 
  3.  Preliminary description of the research topic or development project: What do you intent to describe, unveil, understand, or develop? Is your thesis more oriented towards research or development?  
  4.   Environment(s) for the thesis, work communities, partners
  5.   What benefits could your thesis provide for working life?
  6.  What fascinates you about the topic of your choice? What kind of competences could this thesis help you develop?
  7. Preliminary scheduled work plan (special emphasis on the intended submission date)