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Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR): Guide 2.0

Year of publication 2020


There are ready-made model templates for learning assignments and thesis reports. The template settings are in line with Diak's layout instructions. Exact instructions for text layout can be found in this guide.

Model template for a written learning assingment
Model templates for thesis reports
Using your mouse, select the current text items and replace them with your own headings and texts.

The thesis template includes the cover page on which you may provide the information about the author(s), the degree and the degree title.

If there are two or more authors, type the names in alphabetical order according to last name, each on a line of its own. As this adds lines, delete lines respectively from the middle section of the page so that you keep the title of the thesis at the bottom of the page instead of having it move to the next page.

You may check the data concerning degrees and degree titles from Section 2 of Diak Degree Regulations.

Diak Degree Regulations